Led Zeppelin_progenitors of heavy metal and hard rock.

Led Zeppelin English rock band formed in 1968 were the bands who brought a change in the music revolution with their heavy music and rocking songs.With members consisting of Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals, harmonica), John Paul Jones (bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin), and John Bonham (drums),they were known as the progenitors of rock music or metal.
Led Zeppelin were one of the most commercially successful and influential bands of the 1970s.The band's popularity in the early years was dwarfed by their mid-seventies successes and it is this period that continues to define them.There has never been a bigger, badder or better rock band than Led Zeppelin. And there never will be.

                 Led Zeppelin didn’t arrive on the scene as fully-formed rock giants. It took guts as well as talent to achieve what they did. And their attitude was key. Listen to any of their albums and you’ll hear a larger-than-life sound that came from attempting something on a vast scale.

              Led Zeppelin were different. The four members of the band were like the four corner pillars of an ancient temple, bearing the creative load equally. With his voice, flowing locks and ‘Viking overlord’ stance, Robert Plant was the ultimate front man. The phrase ‘guitar genius’ might have been coined to describe Jimmy Page. Drummers are often heard and not seen, but John Bonham was a larger-than-life character whose drumming was as distinctive part of the Led Zeppelin sound as Plant’s voice or Page’s guitar. John Paul Jones was less flamboyant than the other members, but his contribution was just as vital, on bass, keyboards and mandolin, as well as his imaginative approach to songwriting and arrangements.

             The songs composed by them are ultimate hits and what they have contributed to the rock music its very difficult for any other band to take music to such level where they have taken.
Its very difficult to rank the best songs of this English band but but the top ten "popular" hits might be

- Stairway To Heaven

- Dazed And Confused
- Rock And Roll
- Whole Lotta Love
- Kashmir
- Heartbreaker
- Black Dog
- In The Evening
- Over The Hills And Far Away
- No Quarter