Floyd Psychedelic Genius

 Pink Floyd-The name is enough for the music lovers.They are the English band which was formed in 1965 and after that they created history with their psychedelic tunes n the live shows.

Pictures of Pink Floyd fill you with wonder. The clubs they play at have weird names. The titles of their songs themselves are mind boggling : Lucifer Sam, Astronomy Domine.As a consequence they are believed to be anti commercial,they are filed under "avant garde pop",which is called " psychedelic pop").They indulge in sonic experiments and even, mind you,go so far as to improvise! Psychedelic music being a long way from commercially successful (there is no denying that the Soft Machine, the Grateful Dead or Country Joe and the Fish have never stirred masses),one inevitably comes to the conclusion that this trend a danger for pop music.

Pink Floyd are far from all of that Nothing to do with easy gimmicks, cheap gap filling or ill-devised experiments. The Pink Floyd’s music is solid stuff. It is sinewy and sturdy.Their greatest hits include Another Brick in the Wall,Mother,Comfortably Numb,Coming Back to Life & the list is never ending.

The band has got recognition because of their innovation and elegance.Even their live performances are so beautifully arranged,it is almost very difficult to find any loopholes.The group have sold over 200 million albums worldwide, including 74.5 million certified units in the United States, making them one of the best-selling music artists of all time.And with no comparision they are the best of all time.

Though it is very difficult to rank the best top 10 songs of Pink floyd,these are few which comes under top 10 Floyd songs.

Another brick in the wall LIVE Delicate sound of thunder (1988)

On the Turning Away Delicate sound of thunder (1988)

Wish You Were Here Delicate sound of thunder (1988)

Comfortably Numb The Wall (1979)

Coming Back to Life (2001)

Learning to Fly Top Pop (1987)

Money Dark side of the moon (1973)

Not Now John The Final Cut (1988)

Shine on you crazy Delicate sound of thunder (1988)

diamond Delicate sound of thunder (1988)

Dogs Animals (1992)