Mastodon - "Black Tongue"

 Needing a new song something that feels incredibly psychedelic and doomy? You're in luck then, as yesterday, Atlanta sludge metal icons Mastodon released a track from their forthcoming album "The Hunter" called "Black Tongue" and that pretty much fits the description.
 "Black Tongue" has the sound that many have come to expect from Mastodon, but has a few differences as well. While the song has a slower pace, it is incredibly heavy, therefore giving it a doom metal-like quality particularly with it's sludgy guitar riffs, which drag on, as though dragging the listeners away into Hell. It's still incredibly stoner rock-like as well though, heard in the songs bridge which really kicks it into action as well asin the guitar solo that follows it. Throughout the song, however, wild drumming is very much prominent.
 I would say that "Black Tongue" is much more stripped down than any tracks from my favourite Mastodon album, "Blood Mountain", even Troy Sanders' vocals in the song, which remind me more of John Garcia of Kyuss. It is for this reason perhaps that I find "Black Tongue" to be a less exciting track from Mastodon. It is   however still incredibly engaging and worth checking out.

You can do so now. Check out "Black Tongue" on this here link.