You Me At Six - "Loverboy"

Just a few minutes ago, "Loverboy" the latest single from Surrey rockers You Me At Six was previewed on radio. Speaking of the track from their soon to be released third album "Sinners Never Sleep", an album that the band have promised will see a change of direction from their perky sounding Pop-Punk sound, frontman Josh Franceschi stated:
 "I felt like this was the song we needed to put on first, I guess to cater for our fans who are into the older stuff, but also suggest that there's other stuff happening on this record."
 Does the song live up to this premise? In a way, I suppose. It has a modern Pop-Punk sound, but is more reminiscent of the darker, more bitter Pop-Punk sound of Fall Out Boy, from their 2005 album "From Under the Cork Tree." Perhaps this is what they mean by saying that Sinners Never Sleep will not be their traditional sound, as YMAS's traditional sound judging extensively by 2008's "Take Off Your Colours" was very cheery sounding Punk rock music. Cheery this isn't. The bitter sound, gang vocals and Metalcore-esque guitar solo actually gives the song more sinister and vengeful qualities.
 However, the song, though I suppose it's not fully meant to doesn't really do a whole lot show the movement from Pop-Punk that the band are promising, only perhaps giving them the qualities of heavier and more spiteful Pop-Punk bands like Fall Out Boy or A Day To Remember. Of course, if you're into that kind of sound then "Loverboy fits in quite well and at least shows a small sense of evolution for YMAS, which is good enough for now.

Sorry the video's not the best quality around but the track has just been released and this is all I could find.