Review: Enter Shikari - Sssnakepit

 The intensely played and extreme combination of features of hardcore and heavy metal with features of trance and dubstep music that has been found on the work of St. Albans hellraisers Enter Shikari is one that has left me in a perplexed state of entrancement and awe. To anticipate listeners for their forthcoming third album, new song Sssnakepit is now available for all.
 With an extended opening featuring only the electronic elements, many may start to worry about a loss of the harder edge. It is when a single riff from Rory Clewlow emerges from no where that really banishes those fears, and by the time the rest of the band kicks in, it's obvious that Enter Shikari are out on the warpath and hell bent for destruction.
 The scale of hardness at which this song is played varies. At points the sheer scale of brutality feels scaled down more to a Biffy Clyro level. It is during the mass breakdowns heard following each chorus, that it really escalates to genuine moshing material.
 Sssnakepit is weighted more to Enter Shikari's rock side. The keyboard and synthesizer work isn't really at its most dynamic, but frantic enough to show they still have the talent to create their own unique spin on electronic music. Which is a good way to describe this song in general. It shows that Enter Shikari have still got it.