Review: Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist

 If Pantera gave us the art of shredding back in 1990, then Five Finger Death Punch has delivered this generation's metalheads the art of chugging. Having delivered to us two albums The Way of the Fist and War is the Answer which tried to create the perfect balance between beauty and brutality, third album American Capitalist has come around to give us an emotional and extreme punch in the face.

Obviously listeners are not to expect any dramatic change of style, musically or lyrically and in the opening title track that's actually referred to as Ivan Moody screams at one point "War is the answer, like I told you before." So popular belief from previous is still held on to. Fair enough.
 This is no real problem though. The band are clearly on top form with delivering this style, with a hard hitting emotional impact, triggering the kind of response from listeners that makes them want to destroy things, as each song manages to remain unique and continuously surprising, despite following a similar structure throughout. Wether it be in the absolutely deluded Menace or the slower and more dramatic Coming Down, which is more reminiscent of 2007s The Bleeding.
 Other notable tracks include the somewhat nu metal inspired Generation Dead, which really allows listeners to marvel at the extreme guitar solo skills of Zoltan Bathory and of course the other slower track that cannot go unnoticed is Remember Everything which remains a slower song, this time feeling more reminiscent of a 1980s hard rock ballad, like a well executed version of a Bon Jovi ballad. While I've often struggled to tolerate songs like this, this remain gripping and emotionally demanding enough to keep me hooked as the lyrics of seeking forgiveness from one's own family are wrung out with a sense of intensity and melancholy. Plus even if you still hate this kind of thing, it's almost worth going through it to receive the payoff from the following track Wicked Ways which really shows Jeremy Spencer's drumming at it's best and most captivating.
 So American Capitalist shows little in the way of overall musical change for 5FDP, but it's a fine example of them doing what they are known and will be remembered for, so fire away, Death Punch. Unleash the art of chugging.

Five Finger Death Punch's American Capitalist is out now via Prospect Park