Review: Five Finger Death Punch - Back for More

 To further excite fans across the world for their upcoming third album American Capitalist, LA's Five Finger Death Punch have allowed the track Back for More to be acquired for free with every pre-order of their album on iTunes. I think it's also included as part of the soundtrack on the video game Madden 12 but I'm from Scotland and hate most sports, never mind sports video games, so this is no real issue for me. It's also been a single for quite some time so I apologize for my lateness.
 A notable feature of FFDP's music is the way that they constantly make use of the same techniques in all their songs, and yet no two songs sound the same. Back for More sounds like nothing one would hear on The Way of the Fist or War Is the Answer despite consisting of the exact same musical ingredients formed to make those songs. Chugging riffs played with a hefty dose and intensity and fury, a slick widdly guitar solo from Zoltan Bathory, and the switch between scream and melodic vocals from Ivan Moody. Yet still manages to sound fresh as ever. Musically, this is one of the better structured FFDP songs being a short and simple 3 minute run, packing a severe punch, as well as allowing for a little more creativity, sort of. I at least admire Moody's deep spoken vocals during the pre-choruses, that's quite a memorable moment. It's pretty reminiscent of Chimaira.
 If I have any criticism of the song, it's probably in the lyrics. Now I'm not really one for picking on lyrics when listening to music, I've always been more into the rhythm and riffage in songs, and Five Finger Death Punch are musically talented enough for lyrics not to be a real concern, but the lyrics for Back for More would be something of an off-put. Many have criticized FFDP in the past for not having the most intelligent lyrics around, and if you're main reason for listening to a song is to find any creative and dynamic lyrics, all I can say to you is stay the hell away from this song. Lyrics like "It's do or die / Time to settle the score / Gotta give it all you got / And then you give it some more" sound more like the kind of thing you might find in a family sports movie. It's hardly pushing boundaries or showing a sense of danger.
 Overall though, Back for More would be a great example of Five Finger Death Punch's skills of creating a modern update o heavy metal, and while lyrics have never always been their strong point, they definitely have the ability to hit you with their music. Hard.

Five Finger Death Punch's American Capitalist is out on Tuesday via Prospect Park.