Five Finger Death Punch - "Under and Over It"

 Through the past four years, a sound that has been described by many as "traditional American Heavy Metal" has been delivered through LA's Five Finger Death Punch. Their two albums "The Way of the Fist" and "War is the Answer" has delivered a head-pounding, violent, bludgeoning metal sound with monstrous crunching guitar riffs which is partnered perfectly with the aggressive screams and soulful melodic vocals of frontman Ivan Moody, often having a verse filled with screams mixed with a melodic chorus, in a metalcore-esque fashion. It's clearly a winning formula. Which is assumably why there's little change on their latest single "Under and Over It".
 The first single from their soon to be released third effort "American Capitalist" "Under and Over It" shows FFDP display their obvious talent in creating crunchy, brutal, fist-pumping heavy metal, which is fantastic if you want to see them on a return to form, as it is essentially a traditional Death Punch song, similar to their work on "The Way of the Fist", if you want something completely new from these guys, maybe this isn't the best place to look.