Hell Or Highwater - "Gimme Love"

 Hell or Highwater is a new group fronted by Brandon Saller, drummer and other lead vocalist of Atreyu, as something to do while that band remains on hiatus, and have very recently offered the single "Gimme Love" from their soon to be released debut album "Begin Again" as a free download. Always being one to take advantage of these things, I've downloaded and am pleasantly surprised with what's been presented to me.
 It's surprising, as I've become used to the dark and saddening lyrics and musical atmosphere found in the work of Atreyu and "Gimme Love" has... well... a really uplifting sound to it. Lyrically, it's an honest and genuine love song, which is always nicer to hear about than songs about trying to overdose on pills or a girl who is "bleeding mascara". Musically, the track is just like a simple optimistic sounding hard rock song, which is just fine, it helps emphasize the simple nature of the lyrics.
 The idea of simple sounding rock music with fairly simple lyrics played effectively actually makes me think of Hell or Highwater to be like a modern day equivalent of The Ramones, a comment I imagine the group would be appreciative for. Seems like a good trailer for their debut. Wether the other tracks of the album will be as uplifting... not so sure about that. We'll have to wait and see.

 All you need to do is Like the bands page on Facebook and a link for you to download "Gimme Love" for free should be made available. http://www.facebook.com/HellorHighwaterofficial?sk=app_4949752878